I’ve decided that when I find fixes to problems, I will share them here on my blog. This post covers to use an IMAP server for Yahoo and BT Internet email. I had searched all over the Internet for the solution and no-one seemed to have the answer. Surprisingly, I found the answer myself on Yahoo’s site. Let me start with why I was looking for a solution.

I have 2 Yahoo email accounts and also 2 BT Internet email accounts (from my days as a BT customer). I wanted to set them up in Outlook using IMAP and not POP3. For those of you who don’t know what the difference is; IMAP follows the folder structure on your email server. POP3 downloads emails to your local machine (unless you ask for them to be saved on the server) and any sent emails are stored on your local machine. The main disadvantage to using POP3 is that if you have an email address set up on multiple devices, then you can’t easily keep track of your sent emails. For example, if I set up my Yahoo email on my PC in Outlook using POP3 and send an email, I will not be able to see the sent email on my iPhone, because the sent message is stored on my PC.

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